Video Stories

Our Dandy-Walker community is full of families from all walks of life, with different medical journeys and experiences. Watch the videos below to see a snapshot into some of our families’ Dandy-Walker experiences, and how they’re working now to make a difference in their community and beyond. 

Paula Muller

Paula’s 16-year-old son, Andrew, has Dandy-Walker and is now thriving in high school. An avid runner herself, Paula decided to give back by running the New York Half as a Dandy-Walker Alliance fundraiser. 

Nick Nguyen

Diagnosed with Dandy-Walker at birth, Nick went on to play college soccer and earn a business degree. Now, he’s dedicated to raising Dandy-Walker awareness through soccer.

Anntonette Dennis

Anntonette Dennis’s daughter, Kerrington, was born with Dandy-Walker but didn’t get a diagnosis until she was nearly 11 years old.

Krystal Lacey

Krystal’s son, Declan, has Dandy-Walker, and she is dedicated to raising awareness in her Connecticut community and beyond.

Emily Jones

Born with Dandy-Walker, Emily has undergone nearly two dozen brain surgeries, but is pursuing a career in occupational therapy and nursing to help kids like her.