Dandy-Walker Alliance 50 State Initiative

The Goal
To get every governor to issue an executive order declaring a
Dandy-Walker and Hydrocephalus Awareness Month
How You Can Help
Call 1-877-Dandy-Walker and ask for Terri or email us for details on how to get your state involved.


State Proclamation Status
Alabama Issued May 2009. Picture 2. May 2010
Alaska Issued 2010
Arizona Requested 2010
Arkansas Not yet requested
California Requested 2009, 2010
Colorado Requested 2009
Connecticut Not yet requested
Delaware requested 2010
Florida Requested but denied in April 2009 & 2010
Georgia Issued May 2009 & 2010
Hawaii Not yet requested
Idaho Not yet requested
Illinois Issued May 2009 & 2010
Indiana Issued May 2009 & 2010
Iowa Not yet requested
Kansas Not yet requested
Kentucky Not yet requested
Louisiana Issued 2010
Maine Not yet requested
Maryland Issued May 2008, 2009 & 2010
Massachusetts Requested
Michigan Issued May 2009 & 2010
Minnesota Not yet requested
Mississippi Issued May 2009 & 2010
Missouri Not yet requested
Montana Not yet requested
Nebraska Issued May 2009 & 2010
Nevada Issued May 2009 & 2010
New Hampshire Not yet requested
New Jersey Not yet requested
New Mexico Issued 2010
New York Requested
North Carolina Denied
North Dakota Not yet requested
Ohio Requested
Oklahoma Issued May 2009 & 2010, picture 2
Oregon Not yet requested
Pennsylvania Requested
Rhode Island Not yet requested
South Carolina Not yet requested
South Dakota Not yet requested
Tennessee Requested
Texas Issued May 2010
Utah Requested
Vermont Not yet requested
Virginia Issued 2011
Washington Requested
West Virginia Issued 2010
Wisconsin Not yet requested
Wyoming Issued 2010
 Why State Proclamations Are Important

There are a lot of conditions that no one knew about 50 years ago, yet today, are in almost every Americans vocabulary. These conditions, the ones that get the publics attention, seem to receive the most attention and research dollars in the scientific community. We think its important to get Dandy-Walker Syndrome and Hydrocephalus on that list. You’ve heard the old saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Lets be that squeaky wheel!

We will update the list above as we get more and more states involved.
If you make a request, or hear back on a request you’ve already make please let us know so we can keep this list current for everyone. Thank you all for everything you do to help the Dandy-Walker Community!

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