The Center for School, College and Career Resources articles below cover topics and provides many resources free to families on education related topics opportunities.


Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Resources for Students with Disabilities

Career Guides for Students with Disabilities


In collaboration with the Smile Center for Kids we conducted a survey about dental care, development and experiences for individuals with Dandy-Walker.  Thank you to all participants for sharing your experiences.

Dandy-Walker Dental Development Survey


We recently asked for your input on a survey that we conducted to help teachers better understand how Dandy-Walker Syndrome affects children in school. The information you provided has been translated into great tools to share with your child’s teachers and school. The article written by Terri Mauro at can be found here:

Preparing a School for your child with Dandy-Walker Syndrome

We were also able to put together the following charts. Click on each image for a larger view

 A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.  Click on the logo for peer reviewed medical journals articles published in the last 5 years on Dandy-Walker Syndrome.